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On Tuesday, July 23rd, I took a short bus ride to

My Sister’s Closet,

a boutique thrift shop in Vancouver's Yale Town.

I looked forward to meeting up with a fellow blogger, Colleen who would be working there as a volunteer.

My Sister’s Closet supports BATTERED WOMEN SUPPORT with the proceeds from their non profit shop. HERE

Their BIG-HEARTED 60 strong VOLUNTEERS curate a friendly and well organized second hand destination.

They even have a great selection of designer goods which are donated from local high end stores.

Visit Clotheslinefinds where Colleen and her daughter Anthea cover events, fashion and travel.

By the way, all of the photos at My Sister’s Closet were taken by Colleen because I was far too busy shopping!

Purchasing an xs taupe silk bustier from Mexx on their famous $5 sidewalk rack was fun.

What on earth will it be in it’s new fancified life?


Retail My CutLoose true summer purple cotton knit dress was remade with fancified pleats center bottom.

An added grey & cream striped cotton skirt acts as a slip.

Ann Taylor’s real straw purple hat with lovely frayed edges, hiked up in the back with different hat pins from my collection for drama was found at a Marshalls.

Skechers navy shoes got me there in comfort.

The hat pin is from Circle Craft.

Thrifted cotton hippy purse for added pattern/texture (Along with mending it’s fraying around the edges, shoe strings were added for interest.)

all jewelry - shell earrings, transparent beads and button necklace,

two bracelets (I really love wearing them in the summer.)

how to remake a wabi sabi belt Rub a painted silver woven belt with sand paper to create a worn affect. Sew very large cream buttons around the back. Follow edges with hand sewn grey parachute cord from Home Depot. Smile and say Ahhhhhh.


down Seymour toward


Sister’s Closet



season’s gentle weather,

I could

easily have been humming Summer Breeze

from the

early 70’s.

Music like Seals & Crofts flowed from the radio back in the day.


Sweet days

of summer, the jasmine's in bloom.

July is dressed up and playing her tune.

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