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Cream of the Crop

In my world, hand stitching is just another word for bliss. It has the ability to take me out of my head.

My blue/pink shawl is from My Sister’s Closet,

a Vancouver charity for battered women.

A dowdy cream colored thrifted wool coat had been hibernating in my stash for years. Early this summer, inspiration struck like a bolt of lightning.

After a thorough machine washing and terrace sunbathing, she was ready for a makeover.

To lighten the piece, the bottom front was chopped off.

With the left over bits, small ovals and doughnut shapes were cut out.

Additional softened shapes were made from my brown and charcoal felted stash. (I buy felt scraps from Funk-Shui on Granville Island. True summer colored felted wool berets from thrift shops are also coveted.

Next, several earthy colors from my wool embroidery collection (DMC made in France) were collected. Creating my pallette was a response to the coat’s pale yellow undertone.

Applied buttons, beads, pearls and thrifted vintage crocheted circles are fancified.

As of today, my work in progress entails hand sewing all the pieces to the coat with off white all cotton quilting thread

Gutermann (made in Greece).

When finishing a great book, I slow down to savor the pleasure as long as possible. Finishing this project will also be bittersweet .

Art is not defined by a brush,

Or the type of lipstick you wear,

Nor the picture through your lens.

Art is the beauty within you,

The beauty of the world you carry through your eyes

And the happiness you bring to this world.

You I We're

Are Am All

Art. Art. Pieces




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