High Time

September 14


On a drizzly Saturday, Handsome and I navigated puddles seeking a high time.

The Westward Music Festival fit the bill.

A two year working holiday visa for these Australians and British youth wanting to experience Canada is very popular. Meeting these dynamic kids is always invigorating. Now they are my instagram friends. Woohoo.

Paying tribute to Handsome’s birthday week has been a blast however he makes each day a celebration.

Sitting at Tasty Indian Bistro’s bar is our favorite Yaletown spot. Young lively staff members treating us great, fantastic Indian snacks and an artistic decor win the prize. HERE


We take the good times at face value in the moment for all they’re worth and then we let them go. This letting go doesn’t mean you don’t care about something or someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only thing you really have control over is yourself, in this moment.

Marc & Angel

If you are in Vancouver on Saturday September 28th 10am - 5pm, visit me at the Chain & Forge,

1404 Anderson Street on Granville Island.

The Craft Council of British Columbia has included me in their A DATE WITH CULTURE.

Embroidery demos by fancified.ca, a display of many many hats, scarves and gloves featured on this blog and me wearing a hat sounds exciting. Right? See you there !

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