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Butter & Cream

A crisp November English Bay weekday was the perfect time to try out my new remake.

If my wardrobe ever throws a popularity contest, this coat will definitely be the favorite.


retail cosy cashmere purple turtle neck

retail online toasty warm Aerosoles berry boots and wool socks

I do not buy shoes in thrift shops because they rarely pass the machine washer test.

thrifted purple Z Zen Japanese trousers

thrifted purple fur/crochet scarf

thrifted red gloves


Thrift shop find candidates for applique and embroidery will forever tweak radar.

Fast as a speeding bullet, I am able to scan a second hand store rack.

Seeking true summer color, natural fabric and feminine fabrication is my never ending quest.

“When you don't need to worry there'll be days like this”

Days Like This (Official Video) - YouTube HERE

Sept. 12, 2019 Stitch By Stitch old blog details all of the steps that were taken.

Last June I rediscovered a machine washed butter & cream colored thrift shop wool coat.

It had been hiding in a storage bag well hidden under the bed for several years.

“Finally you are a princess worthy of many hours of summer meditative stitching.” I said.

Am I the only one who talks to "belle" clothes?

Judy and Handsome

This burgundy hat is one of my early remakes.

At first sight I said, “little thrift shop wool hat , you have potential!”

Following the lines with embroidery, beading and buttons added texture.

To top it all off, the center of my “crown” now has a satin stitched blossom and a Dressew tassel.

Good Days

I feel light and fluffy,

like a pearl-colored cloud,

or like scrambled eggs

whipped to perfection

with butter and cream.


Light and life are one, and

the sky and the earth

divine and bewitching once more.

Jo Barber Hello Poetry

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