Vancouver’s New Year’s Day was a chiller-diller for it’s Polar Bear 100th Anniversary.

Over 6000 registered swimmers paddled into frigid English Bay. Handsome and I were bystander cheer leaders.

One of my most treasured adornments is this hand made tin crown purchased 20 years ago in San Miguel, Mexico for a song.

My brooch is a thrifted Beanie Baby stingray embellished with Dressew fringe and a thrifted rhinestone brooch for added sparkle.

It’s a brooch on a brooch. Simply sew a big pin to the back. Done.

My scarf is a vintage thrifted mohair shawl hand embroidered by Judy. It says HONOR on the front as a reminder to appreciate all of life’s offerings.

Handsome’s coat is a retail online orange prize embroidered and hand sewn trimmed by Judy.

His instant gratification brooch was a kitchen drain strainer in a previous life. The pin mechanism has been solidly glued to the back.

New Year's Day at Vancouver's Polar Bear Swim was euphoric!

Handsome and I found our friend Dave Decarlo sporting one of his celebratory costumes. How many people have white furry glasses?

The first two photos on this slide were taken by Nancy Jane Biller, a Vancouver photographer. See her in the third photo.

"These are the people in our neighbourhood." Sesame Street

New Year's Day 2020

English Bay Polar Bear Swim Vancouver

Watch the ICE SWIM | Feeling the power from the cold for inspiration. HERE

English Bay's famous Sylvia Hotel is behind us.

Just for fun, watch Michael Buble with Miss Piggy Baby It's Cold Outside - YouTube - HERE


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