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Days Like These

Making a work in progress appearance at the CCBC on Granville Island,

my hat awaited further developements.

Last week Handsome and I motored and ferried in Washington State. Finishing my hat was “a winner and nothing to lose” on one of the passages.

Crossing from Coupeville to Port Townsend with Mt Baker in the background.

a little up cycling background:

I had purchased “a most peculiar” pure wool purse from the Attic Thrift Shop. Natural fibers in my favorite true summer colors always say out loud, “I am coming home with you mama.” Wear and tear, fading and memories of use living life as a purse had made her a candidate.

After machine washing, the love miraculously doubled.

My first idea was to simply fancify the handbag with embroidery.

On second thought , I intuitively chopped off the purse’s top. Suiting my flowing nature, S curve shapes were created from the bag’s bottom.

Did I hear it say to me, I am now a hat?

Joining these shapes to fit my head while pinning everything in place

set the ball rolling.

Wearing the piece, the mannequin head was turned round and round while I looked for a pleasing movement.

From my felt stash, scraps of darker wool was introduced along with tiny navy tassels cut from some Dressew trim.

(The rest of that trim actually lives happily on a jacket.)

Buttons never fail this needlewoman so they were attached here and there. Just use what you got!

Handsome at Granville Island wearing a pipe cleaner top hat and Judy at Port Townsend wearing the newly completed hat.

Visit Within a Dream March 16, 2018 old blog to find my up cycled sweater details.

Please return for my upcoming blog. This pink glove remake feature, Right Now is riveting!

Nobody Told Me

John Lennon

In today’s featured music video, he and Yoko hang out with famous dancer

Fred Astaire, musician Miles Davis, artist Warhol and talk show host Dick Cavett. I am not easily impressed by who knows who but this video was a blast. Yoko looks her absolute best. HERE

Nobody told me there'd be days like these

Nobody told me there'd be days like these

Nobody told me there'd be days like these

Strange days indeed -- most peculiar, mama

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