Every Kinda People

Last Saturday morning, Handsome and I made a fancified.ca nest under a tent on Granville Island.

Why, you might ask?

Well, Craft Council of BC threw a well oiled community party.

Energetic street performers, yummy food trucks and an assemblage of Vancouver artisans created the joyful atmosphere.

Thank you CCBC for including fancified.ca in A DATE WITH CULTURE.

Under my awning, the intention of the day was to introduce non sewers to simple embroidery stitches while displaying my recycled fashion as examples of unbridled possibilities.

Organized with a stack of interfaced fabric squares and threaded needles previously prepared, every kinda people showed up with a willingness to give it a try. In addition, participants were sent home with their works.

a Vietnamese/Canadian

A vintage hand built wooden artist and cigar box supports my hat.

a young woman who grew up on an Albertan farm now living a city life

Handsome and our enchanting next door tent neighbor, Coastal Karma Jewels

appears through my hand made “fairy screen”.

a Columbian/Canadian woman

Robert Palmer - Every Kinda People (Live 1978) - HERE

a Londoner/Canadian

A determined young Chinese/Canadian girl was solely interested in free forming stitches as fast as her little fingers could travel.

Visiting at the day’s end was an avid Japanese needlewoman/tourist.

Looking through my fancified.ca exhibit, her eyes lit up at the possibilities of stitchery.

“May I try on your red hat?” she asked

“Yes, if you allow a selfie!” I responded.

She was the icing on a sweet celebration cake!

I am not a teacher but an awakener.

Robert Frost

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