Flea Fun

Last Saturday, December 6th, Handsome and I made a beeline to Vancouver’s Eastside Flea.

Tasting a Craft IPA beer while chatting with a group of young Irish newcomers was his mission.

I was ready, willing and able to treasure hunt with a purpose.

Revisiting the 50’s and early 60’s can be experienced in flea markets.

another pair of handprinted L’Artiste boots from Zappos - this time blue

The number of conversations with female strangers because of these boots has been congenial.

Adding footwear animation has revitalized my wardrobe ten fold.

Pattern has a way of jazzing up any outfit. It sweetens the pie, yawl!

Judy's thrifted up cycled jacket into a tuxedo vest

Meeting young entrepreneurs and their loyal customers is another flea market bonus.
Motivating more individuality in dress always happens. Look at their use of color!

While I rarely purchase vintage clothing in flea markets, examining these garments for inspiration is a happy place.

Fine fabric and skilled construction encourages UPPING the up cycling game.

Trying on a mink collared jacket was channeling my imaginary Doris Day Upper Eastside NYC lifestyle?

Finding a green felt hat in a thrift shop in a perfect true summer hue made my day.

Pushing up the back with a silver elephant lifts my spirits every time.

Notice the fancified hand sewn stacked silver buttons around the edge.

Notice the green/brown Home Depot parachute cord and Dressew trim couched to the center.

Last February we were on vacation in Pensacola, Florida.

Notice the same green wool up cycled vest and Handsome’s yellowest shoes.

Visit Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation -


Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year!

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