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Love Shack

While blog has been on a hiatus, Handsome and I spent January thru March at our Louisiana Love Shack.

New Orleans Mardi Gras madness, local Gulf shrimp boiling/peeling/eating and get togethers with old friends/ family happened.

Sorting through 25 years of STUFF was our primary goal because the house has now been put on the market.

Getting down and dirty was not a pretty sight so pictures shared below were taken a year ago.

In spite of the pandemic’s eventual shut down of thrift shops and libraries challenging my progress, Stuff Still Happened.

Pun Alert! Gifting my extensive art book collection to a local library is still ON HOLD.

The B-52's - Love Shack (Official Music Video) - YouTube



It pulls me in

Never letting go


You need more stuff

You need this stuff

You cannot get rid of this stuff

This stuff is important

You love this stuff

This stuff is your life

That's what my stuff has been telling me

Keep me for the future

You may need me

You do need me

I make you happy

You need me to be happy

You need me to have happy experiences

I am your memories

You love me

Do I though?

Do I have the strength to let go?

To clear up space

Make room for new experiences

New opportunities

Instead of collecting stuff

Can I get rid of it all and move forward

Let go of attachments and move onward

Live a life of experiences instead of memories

Memories of my past

My past is held in all this stuff

Others pasts are held in all this stuff

Even though I want it

I don't need it

And now I question if I still want it.


I don't

I can do it

I can let go

Let go of all the stuff

All the stuff holding me back

I can do it

I will do it

The process has begun

I need strength

I need my own motivation

Let it begin

Elizabeth Petersen’s Consumerism poem perfectly describes my emotional roller coaster ride.

On March 31st, we took United’s LAST connecting Denver flight back to our permanent residence in Canada. On arrival, Vancouver Airport authorities decreed a 2 week quarantine.

Having a willing guardian angel neighbor shop from my 2 week grocery list was an answer to prayer. Same day senior citizen delivery (minimal fee) by that store made our apartment lock down as simple as A B C.

Hopefully, all of you are finding healthful light in these out of the ordinary times. Yesterday we visited our Stanley Park neighbors;

the Canada geese, the Mallard ducks and the Blue herons.

Pun Alert! The good news is that everything is going SWIMMINGLY.

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