Sashiko Serendipity

During a recent trip to Washington State, I stumbled upon a collection of sashiko Japanese items in Port Townsend. The purse below was my inspiration.

A meditative look at a sashiko stitching music free video got me going. Visit HERE

A bag of wool embroidery thread in my true summer colors was waiting for me at Port Townsend’s Habitat for Humanity.

Further more, purchasing a dark blue wool 50’s style jacket in a South Bend, Washington thrift shop at closing time during our journey’s end was another happy chance . After a deep shampooing in Vancouver, air drying and steam ironing, the jacket was reborn.

M. Sweerts says “there can be beauty in a flaw, a golden scar. It is a sign of life, it tells the story and history of a piece.”

Covered in sashiko stitching, the back work in progress conceals the moth holes.

Sashiko: What visible mending means to crafters - Vox HERE


lavender felted scarf purchased in a craft stall in Pensacola Florida last winter

feminine cotton/nylon skirt thrifted

It survived machine washing in spite of a dry-cleaning label.

purple regal gloves and hat up cycled by Judy

After photographing, embroidery has now circled the wide brim.

shell thrifted earrings

retail online Joseph Seibel shoes

retail online lace tights

'Something Good' - from the soundtrack to Rodgers & Hammerstein's 1965 film 'The Sound of Music' was sung by Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. HERE


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